Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lazy Day

What do you do with a day when your husband and 3-year-old are both gone??
Well... sleep in first of all! And without feeling guilty about it either!

I'm a little overwhelmed with the number of things I could do today...
finally knit a hat for the new baby
finish knitting Malachi's new hat
work on some more baby shower gifts
catch up on some reading
clean my house (and having it stay that way until at least tomorrow!)
organize some of the baby's stuff that I haven't gotten to
waste some time on Pinterest
make some freezer meals
make a run to the library without a little person throwing a fit to stay and play
go to Michael's to use my  50% off coupon for a project

The possibilities are probably endless. Alas... I DO unfortunately have to work today , so I only have until about 5pm to work on this endless list. Sooo... I think first on my agenda will be to make myself a little timeline so I can maximize my time. Some equal parts productive and relaxing. =) We'll see how it goes!

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