Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Big Brother

I should still be in the hospital, but I thought I'd do a special Big Brother post. =)

Here we are the day my Malachi was born:

And here he is the day we went home from the hospital:

Well, this little baby is the Big Brother! I'm sure my mom will have some pictures on her blog Life Unraveled by now - so head on over there and check them out! Unless, of course, she's so busy with this Big Brother that she hasn't had time to post any. =)

So... I saw something on Pinterest that I thought was a great idea... a gift bag for the older sibling! This was the inspiration:

Although I couldn't find a tote bag cheap enough, so I finally just pulled out an old gift bag from my stash:

Then I headed to the Dollar Store and picked up some stuff that he could do in the hospital room when he came visiting. Because it's summer, there are lots of little things like bubbles and water/sand toys out there in those $1 bins at Target, but I figured it was better to give him stuff he could play with while he was with us.

I picked up a coloring book and crayons, some "grow and animal" things, a set of binoculars because he's always pretending he has some and a dinosaur. I had also ordered him a special "big brother malachi" T-shirt from ZoeysAttic on etsy.

I'm hoping this is a hit and keeps him busy while he's with us (instead of getting into everything he shouldn't be!). Also that he knows we didn't forget about him.

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