Saturday, June 2, 2012

More Malachi Moments

Like this super flattering, blurry picture of my pregnant belly?? Well, that is courtesy of my wonderful son, Malachi, who got a hold of my camera while I was trying to take pictures of flowers for my Etsy Shop. I debated even posting this picture because it's so awful... but the story is something I'd like to remember, so I decided to post it anyway. =)

Okay, now on to the cute story part!
As I said, I was taking pictures and Malachi was "helping" me and taking random pictures. Then, he was like, "I take a picture your baby." and I was busy, so I really didn't care what he was taking pictures of. Then I heard him say, "Smile, baby!" and took the lovely picture above. My heart melted a little bit - I thought that was so sweet that he wanted to take a picture of the baby! I hope he's this into the baby after he's actually here!

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