Monday, July 9, 2012

The Nursery

We chose not to do up a whole nursery this time around. Technically we have a 3rd bedroom in the house we're in, but we're not going to be here past the end of the year AND the 3rd bedroom is really more of an office space that they stuck a closet into so they could call it a bedroom. It's at the front of the house, where the other two bedrooms are at the back and I wouldn't put either of my kids up there by themselves.
Sooo... we decided to just convert a little corner of our bedroom into a space for Zachary. I'm pretty pleased with the result and since he doesn't really need his own space for awhile anyway... it kind of works out!

I didn't want to spend a lot of money on decorating, but I DID want to do something a little special for him. I'm pretty proud of how it came together, but I couldn't have gotten it all down without my mom and my husband helping considering I didn't start this process until about 4-6 weeks before I due!

Remember this lovely dresser I picked up for $10?? Thanks to my Aunt Sharon for finding it for me.

Well, my husband sanded and painted it for me. Then I decided to use it as a changing table also because of the little lip at the back. Works great!
I planned to buy some metal knobs to replace the ones that were on it. I wanted some in the shape of an acorn, but once I started looking I discovered that they cost about $11 a piece! That would have cost me more than $60 to put knobs on my $10 dresser.
Sooo... thanks to my talented mom, I have adorable painted acorn knobs now. She got some wooden knobs at the home improvement store and painted them for me.

Next, thanks to my Aunt Sharon AGAIN (she hits lots of garage sales), I got a cheap glider rocking chair with a ottoman! With Malachi, I just had a wooden rocker that didn't quite fit me and I said that if I had another, I wanted a glider, so I was pretty excited about this. It was pretty dirty and the cushion covers were kinda yucky and worn, so thanks to my mom AGAIN, they got slip covered in a nice chocolate brown velour. Arm covers are still coming...

And lastly, I ordered some cute wall art from a shop on Etsy and hung it above the dresser. I bought some frames and mats at Michaels on clearance or with coupons and I took my color scheme from the pictures and I think it turned out pretty cute.

It's pretty simple, but sweet and nice.

Oh... and lastly.... a picture of my cute little one. =)

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