Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Potty Training ... Fail?

My three-year-old HATES using the potty. He just doesn't want too. He can, just doesn't. We've tried bribing him with M&Ms, he filled an entire "potty chart" with stickers and received a prize at the end and got almost finished with another before he lost interest.

This week I have been putting him in underwear and setting the kitchen timer for every 45 minutes. I force him to use the bathroom at that point or he has an accident. ONE TIME today he willingly came in to use the potty on his own. Nearing the end of the day, he's had several accidents. I had told him earlier that if he had any more accidents I was going to put the diapers for babies back on him (which we've now translated to "baby diapers"). After the last accident, I said, "okay.. mommy doesn't have anymore clothes to put on you so you have to wear a diaper." He says, "baby diapers?" and I say, "yes." He replies with, "No! I can't want baby diapers! I want big diapers!" Seriously?

Sooo... since he now thinks that his diapers are "baby diapers" he is currently sitting in the living room completely naked because he doesn't want to wear the diapers, but I am out of underwear for him to put on. Maybe that's the trick... being naked. I can only hope.....

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