Monday, September 17, 2012


I survived my first weekend back to work and now I've returned to the chaos my life has become in my absence. I need to clean two houses and still have stuff to transfer from one house to another. I didn't get everything boxed, so my husband boxed some of it... need I say more?

I have today and tomorrow to get some semblance of order and cleanliness and then Wednesday my husband has knee surgery. I am a little overwhelmed at the moment.... not even sure where to start. 

I am supposed to be un-hooking the computer to transfer it to the new house... this is my job apparently. I am procrastinating as you can probably tell... somehow I have to remember where all these wires are attached so that we can save money and I can "self-install" it when we get to the new place.

Okay... now the baby is uncontrollably screaming... time to go.

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