Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cider Mill

To top off our Mommy School unit on A is for Apples, we took a family trip the the local cider mill! My poor husband is still recovering from his recent knee surgery, but he hobbled around pretty well.

Here we are in front of the HUGE pumpkin, Malachi feeding the goats, taking a pony ride and getting his face painted.

These are my two cute boys! Poor Zach was attached to me in a sling and I was trying to get his head in the hole without taking him out!
I cannot believe my husband got this picture. Here we are... we've just eaten our yummy, fresh apple fritters... we pose for a photo opp and Zach spits up all over me! I had to make a trip back to the car for some additional burp cloths. 
This is reality though, right? This is how it is.... which is why I'll always keep this picture!

And lastly... our wagon ride.

On our way out we picked up some fresh apples (only .85/lb!) and I came home and Malachi and I made an apple pie. We also grabbed some hot apple cider and then made our way home. Perfect way to spend our days together and wrap up our study on apples!

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