Friday, November 9, 2012

A Good Day to be a Mommy

Today is a good day to be a mommy. =) You know how some days are horrible and terrible and you just want someone to come take your children so that you can cover yourself with you bed-sheets and sleep? Well, those seem to happen quite often, but today is not one of them... at least not in this house. 

My baby is 4 months old! I know we've already covered that and it's not news, but so many exciting things start happening from now on! He's taking on a personality and learning new things so quickly. It is always amazing how much they discover and learn in this first year. Yesterday he sad long enough for me to snap a few pictures! I feel like that an official sit. =) He was a bit wobbly and we toppled over a couple times, but still a success!

I missed his first front-to-back turnover with the camera a couple weeks ago, so I was determined I was going to get some of the first "sits".

In other good news:
I took the boys to Michael's craft store today. I usually completely avoid this store when I have Malachi because he turns into the worse version of himself. He seriously becomes one of those children in the store who is getting into everything and throwing tantrums - ugh. Well, today, we went in and he was practically perfect! I almost couldn't believe it! He walked nicely beside the cart and even put some things away ("I've gotta fix this problem, Mom") as we walked up and down aisle.

So... I thought I'd commemorate this day with a post. It's a good day. The baby is in a good mood and learning new fun things and my three-year-old was an angel in a craft store. What more can you ask for??

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