Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Homemade Christmas

In an effort to have a more cost-effective Christmas, I've opted to make many of our presents this year. Extended family members, gift exchanges and friends are receiving these gifts - although I think they are pretty great! I can't exactly say what these projects are because several people reading this blog might be receiving them.

My mom has come over two different days. One day we worked on sewing projects. We each had our own sewing project that we were working on, but it was way easier to do together (plus - she helped me a ton by cutting all mine out, so I could just focus on pinning and sewing!) This is super helpful to me because I don't get as distracted by the boys as I normally would by myself.

I'm have about half of this particular project done.

Today she came over again and we shopped and then assembled the other portion of our gifts. 

Mmmm... looks yummy right? These are about 1/2 done also. Now I have to finish them up and then find a way to wrap up these crazy gifts! Hmm.... 

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