Thursday, December 13, 2012

Zouff the Elf

As promised, a run-down of our Elf on the Shelf - Zouff! Proudly named by Malachi. =) I must say that my husband is much better at picking out places for Zouff to perch himself for the day than I am, but this has definitely been a lot of fun - for Malachi and for Mommy and Daddy.

 Day 1 - Zouff made his appearance in Malachi's stocking. | Day 2 - We found Zouff hanging from the living room curtain with a pair of Malachi's underwear before church that day. | Day 3 - Zouff is hanging out with the newly hung Advent calendar. | Day 4 - He tried to make himself a bowl of oatmeal... but made quite a mess in the process. | Day 5 - Borrowing Malachi's toothbrush | Day 6 - Riding the dinosaur.
Day 7 - Somehow Zouff ended up inside a canning jar. | Day 8 - Forgot to take a picture, but he had gotten into the gift bows. | Day 9 - He showed up at  Grandma's house since Malachi spent the night. | Day 10 - Hanging out on Malachi's deer rack in his room. | Day 11 - Helping with the tree. | Day 12 - Zouff got into the cookie jar. | Day 13 - He's helping Mommy finish her Christmas projects. | Day 14 - Uh oh... he got tangled up in the decorations on Malachi's rocking chair.

More Zouff mischief to come.... =)

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