Monday, January 28, 2013

7 Months!!

My little Zachary is 7 months old!! Time seems to fly by quicker and quicker these days. This little guy is so sweet. He is the best sleeper and loves to cuddle. At his 6 month doctor's visit he was 18lbs which is right about average. His head is still huge - measuring in the 87% percentile. I have to take him in again in a couple weeks to have his length measured though. It seems he didn't grow lengthwise as much as they expected, although I'm not too worried about it because I'm not quite sure the nurse even measured him correctly.

New this past month - food!! Hooray! Zach is loving his baby food especially his sweet potatoes and peas. He's also sitting up much better on his own (it's hard to balance such an extra large head up there!) and is loving his toes... at least when he can get to them.
Daddy is a favorite person at the moment. He's been spending lots of tme home with Daddy lately, while Mommy works and Zach is loving it.
And he's loving his bathtime. We have some little floaty toys and he just loves to try to catch them in the tub. And the art of splashing.... the new bathtime discovery.

He is still an awesome sleeper. Rubbing his eyes? Just plop him in his crib for a little nap. Time for bed? Feed him and put him in his crib and he's out until he gets hungry again... honestly... sometimes I have to check on him to make sure he's still alive in there.

Another new favorite discovery? Mommy's hair. Apparently pulling it is very entertaining...

Still no teeth for this child though.... good thing for Mommy... I'm a bit afraid he might be a biter (something Malachi never did).

Malachi is still in love with his brother. I thought that the novelty would wear off, but he still adores Baby Zach. I'm not always sure this adoration is mutual, but I'm glad that Malachi loves his brother so much.... I think they will be good buddies.

Here we are! Aren't we cute? =)

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