Friday, February 8, 2013

Every week I think our lives are going to slow down, but it doesn't ever seem to happen! This week Malachi and I got invited to join some friends at the local Children's Museum. We hadn't been since they moved to their new facility - and it's very nice! Our last visit was before Zach was born and I can't believe how much bigger Malachi looks this time around!

One of the new features of the latest museum is this wall with vacuum tubes attached. The kids can stick soft balls or scarves into the tube and it's sucked up and around through the maze of tubes and then spit back out at them!

They also have some great props to be "builders" as Malachi calls it or vets or even a fireman!

In other news - it's my husband's 35th birthday today and we're going out to dinner! Hooray for date night! We're having a little party with family tomorrow, but it will be nice to get out by ourselves tonight.

Zachary came down with a nasty virus yesterday while I was at work accompanied by a fever. Poor guy... I felt so bad since I wasn't home. But Daddy held down the fort and after I explained where the Tylenol was everything seemed to be okay by the time I got home. Now we're just hoping the rest of us don't catch it!
Today I've been attempting to catch up on some thing around the house. It seems like so much needs to be done that I've decided to set myself 15 minutes on the timer and see how much I can accomplish in that amount of time. Then I reset it and move on to another area... seems to be working pretty good... except my children don't seem to understand that if I'm doing a concentrated 15 minutes.... that I can't stop and help them in the middle... ah well...

And here's a typical picture of my little guys. =)

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