Monday, February 25, 2013

Party Planning & House Painting

Looking ahead to our schedule for March, things are going to get busy! Not only am I planning a super-fun prehistoric dinosaur party for Malachi's 4th birthday (check out these cute invites I ordered!), but I'm also planning a bunco party for the 2nd week of March. Things in the works here are - a sandbox big enough to let 10 kids do a Dino Dig, food ideas and how to pull off a Dino Egg Hunt....

The birthday is not until the end of the month so I was thinking we had plenty of time to get the house fixed up, but now I have two weeks less before this bunco get-together and I want things finished for it. My goal is to have the kitchen/dining room painted, a new curtain rod in the living room and my art up the walls in the two areas.

Yesterday my husband and I stopped to pick up the paint colors for the kitchen/dining rooms. We are renting and so I'm trying to stay with very neutral colors so we don't have to re-paint later. We painted the accent wall last night and I'm already happier with the way this room looks! There is very odd lighting in here, so a picture of the true color is kinda difficult, but here it is.

Next on the list is painting the trim around the door white (I'd really like to paint the door also, but I don't want to get in trouble) and then that other facing wall. The other walls are going to be a different color.

Along with these house updates, I'm frantically trying to plan my bunco party! I was not supposed to be hosting this month, but a series of unfortunate events has led to it. I usually start planning my next bunco theme immediately after I host at my house, which gives me a significant amount of time to gather ideas (like my jane austen party this past September)... this time I have a couple weeks. I decided to go with a super simple theme - but I think I can still make it really fun! I have settled on a Red Hot theme. I'm thinking fiesta themed food (hot). Red candies and decorations. I'm also thinking that instead of voting on the best costume like we usually do, I'll have us vote on the best red accessory... to make it easy, but fun. Here are a couple of my favorite pinterest finds....

So.... I am in party planning mode... I'm actually having a lot of fun with it! I might be stressed in a couple weeks though!

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