Monday, April 29, 2013

10 Months!

My little Zach is 10 months old!! I sat in the rocker the other day and bemoaned the fact to my husband the other day. It's almost time to start planning a birthday party!

It's been a big month around here:
  • 2 teeth have appeared! Hooray!
  • I've heard some ma-ma's mixed in with all those da-da's
  • We've had lots of doctor's visits, but in the end we got a good report
  • He's started babbling WAY more (especially if brother isn't around!)
  • He eats EVERYTHING in sight. He has started getting very upset if I don't share my food with him. 
  • Our new trick is to hold our binky in our mouth along with the bottom edge... not sure what this accomplishes
  • He's such a happy guy and likes to clap for everything.
Love this little guy!

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