Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A New Big Boy Bed

It has been time to move Malachi out of his toddler bed for some time now. While cleaning out my grandma's house, my mom and I came across one of my uncle's old wooden twin frames. It needed some re-finishing, but it was perfect. 

When I got my supplies for painting my dining room table, I also picked up a quart of blue paint out of the "mistake" section at Lowe's. I was going to have them mix up a little sample jar of a navy blue paint, but then we came across this paint for $2.50! I just couldn't pass that up! I'll be able to paint the bed and probably his bookcase as well!

It's taken me some time to get around to actually finishing up the painting on the bed frame (I used the same method as the dining room table). Then it took my husband a few more days to get around to putting the bed together. Well... tonight we got inspired...

Malachi was in the playroom watching Cars 2. We put together the new bed, took the toddler bed out, re-arranged the whole room, switched out bookcases and made up the new bed. Then I got Malachi in the bath and dressed in the bathroom. We followed him into his room and he was so excited!! =) I've got to get him a comforter set or something to go with it. I had bought a construction-type sheet set on clearance at Target awhile ago, but these top blankets were just things a grabbed out of our linen closet.

Next on my project list will be to paint the new bookcase we put in his room. We had a tall and narrow thing that was holding his books before. It was leftover from something I'd had in my kitchen at one time. It wasn't really meant for books and many of them didn't even fit on it because the little cubbies were too small. I want to paint this new bookcase the same color as the bed - but here it is at the moment.

I can't believe my Little Guy is big enough for a Big Bed! 

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