Monday, April 22, 2013

Good News

Today was our doctor's visit to the endocrine specialist about Zachary's hypothyroidism diagnosis. I had mostly gotten over my initial panic of the situation, but was just a little nervous about what the doctor was going to say. 
We went in to our local doctor's office on Thursday for a blood test to see how he was responding to the medication they put him on. Friday morning, our doctor called to say that he thought we should stop the medication until we went to see the specialist on Monday because the mediation was swinging his thyroid the other way too much.
So I wasn't too sure what to expect today when we went to see the specialist - would they lower the dose? Take him off? Or...??
Well, the doctor seemed to think his condition is very mild. Possibly just normal for him. Apparently such a mild case that he doesn't even want to give him any medication at the moment. He attributes his slow vertical growth rate as just - well - how he is. 
So we have to take Zachary back in for another blood draw in three weeks to check his thyroid function.... and we'll take it from there.
I am so thankful for this good report! It seems like something we're just going to have to stay aware of and keep an eye on. Such a relief!

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