Friday, April 12, 2013

Book Review: Firefly Island by Lisa Wingate

I just realized that I've gotten a little behind on my book reviews! Whoops! I don't think they will keep sending me books to read if I forget to review them! The last couple have been very good too!

Book Details:
Title: Firefly Island
Author: Lisa Wingate
2013, Bethany House
ISBN: 978-0-7642-0823-2
Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Christian Fiction

Book Summary:
Sometimes love takes you on an adventure completely off the map. 
Mallory Hale's life quickly veers off course when she falls hopelessly in love. After a whirlwind romance, Mallory finds herself heaving the bustle and action of Capitol Hill for the remote town of Moses Lake, Texas - with husband, stepson, and a U-Haul in tow.
A sweet, mishap-filled journey into marriage, motherhood, and ranch living ensues, and Mallory is filled with both the wonderment of love and insecurities of change. But what she can't shake is the unease she feels around her husband's new boss, Jack West. Jack's presence -and his mysterious past - set her on edge, and when hints of a scandal emerge, Mallory finds herself seeking answers ... and comes to realize that the middle-of-nowhere home she wasn't sure she wanted is the very place she'll risk everything to save.

My Review:
This is my second book from this author - and the third installment of this Moses Lake series. They seem to be able to stand alone, but having read the 1st (read my review of Larkspur Cove here) and now the 3rd, I'm curious to read the second one!

I really enjoyed this book! This author seems to be able to weave a good balance of romance and suspense. The mystery of what's going on with Mr. West and his family is very intriguing and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what was going on! I remember thinking the same thing about the strange happenings in the first book! Wonderful character development.

Mallory comes from Washington, DC, and her new life in the very small town of Moses Lake, Texas proves to be very hard. She takes up blogging about her experience as the Frontier Woman, which of course I found very fun - and something I'd probably DO or READ! Her relationship with her stepson and her struggles with becoming an instant mother and family was very well understood and explored, I thought.

I would greatly recommend this book. It is a nice change from your average Christian fiction or romance because of the mild suspense aspect! It's not scary - but does make for a really interesting read!

Check out Lisa Wingate's website here.

Disclosure: The book was provided to me free of charge by Bethany House Publishers for my honest review. All opinions in this post are my own and I did not receive any other compensation.

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