Thursday, July 11, 2013

More Outdoor Fun

This past Saturday, my husband was out of town and I decided the boys and I needed to do something fun. Another gal at work had asked me to switch weekends with her, so I ended up with a long stretch of days off - hooray!!

We had a busy few days: 
Thursday - the 4th of July. Spent with with my family. We went to my parents to light some little fireworks and have dinner and then headed out to the local fireworks show. Both boys LOVED it - even Zach! I wasn't sure how he'd do since it was SO long after bedtime, but he smiled and laughed through the whole show!

Friday - painting. My mom came over and we spent the day painting Zach's room a pretty sky blue.  It coordinates with a blue in the art work I bought WAY back at our last house. I'm finally getting around to putting a nursery together for him.... it's way past due. I am really happy with the result and I'll post some pictures when I get it all back together and art on the walls.

Saturday - the park! Somewhere along the way one of my summer goals was to visit a bunch of places we've never been (including me who has lived here my whole life!). So far this year we've visited the Mclane Creek Nature Trail and Nisqually Wildlife Reserve. I found an interesting looking place a little north of us in Tacoma for us to go this week. It was called the Tacoma Nature Center and it was sure fun!

The best part about this particular place was something called the Discovery Pond. It was basically a large playground. It was nice because it was enclosed but very spread out, so lots of kids could be there, but not on top of one another.
They also have nature trails with some nice loops - long and short. The 5 of us took one of the short loops and then later my Dad, Malachi and I took a longer trail, while my Mom stayed back with Zach while he napped. We had a picnic lunch at the Discovery Pond and it was a very fun day!
We've been blessed with some very nice weather around here lately. It's been warm and not much rain! Perfect for getting out and discovering new places!

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