Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I was thinking that when I saw everyone posting their pictures of their kids going off to school (and preschool) this past week that I was going to be sad.... or possibly regret my decision to keep Malachi home with me this year.....

...but what I found myself thinking instead is how tiny they all look! I have decided I'm very, very happy to have my boy home with me one last year. I know that that no matter what I decide to do next year - whether sending him to preschool full-time or kindergarten - he'll be gone forever. Maybe that sounds a tiny bit dramatic, but seriously, they are only home with us for such a short period of time. Five years in my case. Then he will spend at least the next 12 in school... away from me most of the time. That doesn't even count all the endless hours of sports or clubs or whatever he's involved in!

Anyway... I am happy that I'm happy with my decision. =) Nothing worse than wondering if you did the right thing or not!

We have spent 2 weeks on the Letter A in our curriculum. Last week school started on Tuesday and this week we had morning commitments Monday and Tuesday, so I just decided to make it work with Tuesday-Friday last week and Wednesday-Friday this week. I have my lessons all organized and ready to go for the next 3 days including supplies. Hooray!

Lastly... here is a super cute picture my mom snapped of the two boys last week. She was babysitting and they were watching Transformers. Apparently Malachi was worried that Zach might get scared during certain parts of the movie...
Isn't that sweet?? Keeping his little brother safe. =)

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