Sunday, April 27, 2014

Pinterest Clean-Up

I just spent a good deal of time cleaning up some of my Pinterest boards. Does anyone else have to do that occasionally? I spent the majority of my time today on a Party Time board that encompassed ALL types of parties: girl parties, kid parties, backyard parties, baby shower parties.... the list could go on and on...
What I discovered is that I had so many pins in there that I couldn't find what I was looking for (hmm... didn't I pin something one time for that??)

So today I split them into two categories: Kid Parties and Adult Parties. Hooray!
I also ended up deleting a bunch of pins that no longer apply, was something I decided I'd never do or I've done it and don't need the instructions anymore (I am now a tissue paper pom-pom expert thankyouverymuch).

I also found a bunch of diy furniture makeovers in a bunch of different catagories, so I combined them all onto one RePurposed Furniture board. Now I should just DO some of those projects. =)

I also seem to have a few too many "Misc" type boards. Those catch-all boards where you didn't know where to pin it, so you put it there. Hm... sometimes when I go through those boards I find a common thread and then *poof!* a new board is born. I even found this pin in one of those Misc boards today ---------> 


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