Friday, November 27, 2009

Follow Up and New Projects

Well, I finished my striped knitted hat I was working on - the only problem - I made it on needles two sizes bigger than I was supposed to, so it fits me! I will try to post a picture soon. I am going to keep it in case I need a hat for a costume or something. And I figured that I learned how to do the I-cord, so it was a practice hat. =) I didn't HAVE circular needles in the right size and these were the closest I had, so I used them. I think I'm going to ask for this wonderful set of interchangable circular knitting needles from for Christmas! That should solve part of my problem.

Now, I'm looking for some patterns on how to make some Christmas stockings. We have a new addition this year and instead of just going out and buying new stockings for all three of us, I thought it would be more fun to sew some and then if I need more down the road, I can just make additional stockings! My favorites I've found on the web so far are:

I like this one the best because it is a normal shape (although some of the elf-shaped ones are pretty cute) and I can just use normal fabrics for the whole thing. Also, I can use any Christmas fabric for the bottom portion, so that if I need to make another a few years down the road, I can just pick up a coordinating Christmas fabric. I think I will purposely make all three with different fabrics this year, so it won't look weird to add a different one later.

So, I am excited to start working on these and to put them up in my house! I am bummed I have to work this weekend or I'd probably have my whole house decorated for Christmas minus the tree by Monday. My husband is currently unemployed, so I can actually employ his help this year! Today is Black Friday and I'm currently at work at 1:45 am, so I will not be going out first thing in the morning to the sales, but I'm so excited about starting my projects that I'm hoping to go out in the afternoon. Hopefully the crazyness will have died down a little by then anyway. I will post pictures of my stockings when they are done. =)

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