Friday, July 9, 2010


I am so happy because Target found my Little Guy's sandal! I called a couple times yesterday and then finally called Kohl's today just in case I was mistaken and he had actually lost it there. But no... then my mom called me from Target tonight because she was buying him a little water table to play with and I asked her to stop by and ask one last time - and whoohoo! Shoe returned! It's kinda silly how happy it makes me actually. =)


ashlesmommy said...

YAY!! That is awesome & I completely understand, when you have the perfect ones who wants to have to go buy another pair?!? Good thing you kept checking though!! :o) Have a great weekend

Sandy S. said...

Yay! I understand the son falls in love with a pair and wants nothing at all to do with any other shoes! It's so bad that up until this year I sent him shoe shopping with my mom because he wouldn't let me put any shoes on him! Now he just "helps" pick out...and so far we haven't lost any! Those are pretty cute sandals too, I love them...the closed toe would make me feel better about the chances of stubbed toes!

Elsie said...

Thanks ladies! It feels kinda silly to be so happy about a returned shoe - glad to know others would feel the same! Haha!