Friday, August 13, 2010

Catching Up

I have been working the night shift last night and tonight, so I'm not really up to blogging during the day. That's not to say stuff isn't happening though!

Last night was pretty uneventful and I got quite a bit of knitting done on my Sunnyside Market Tote. Here is my updated picture (at work... with the camera phone again... sorry!)

Tonight I was little worried when I came in to work and was informed that not only is it a full moon, but there is also a meteor shower AND it's Friday the Thirteenth! Hmm.... whether you are superstitious or not (I usually AM NOT), any one of those natural phenomenons could bring in a wave of preggos to the birth center. We (the staff) are hoping that since there are three things that could potentially bring in the preggos that they will somehow cancel each other out and no one will come in. =) Mostly working... although I did have one poor girl come in and her water broke all over my chair and the floor in front of my desk as I was registering her.... she felt very bad. In my three years here that is actually the first time I've had that happen, but no reason to feel bad... this is a birth center after all. =)

This afternoon we leave for our camping trip. My mom has nicely offered to come over in the morning and wach my Little Guy and take him shopping for our weekend supplies while I get some much needed sleep. I am only partially packed and so I'm going to be running all around tomorrow afternoon after I get up and before the DH gets home from work to get it all together. Tonight I will probably spend making lists and lists of everything I have to remember.  The only thing I really have to figure out is what we (the Big Guy and I) are going to sleep on since our air mattress has bit the dust. I may have to make a run to Target for a new one.

Oh! Finally decided on a menu for the weekend:
Dinner #1 - Chili w/ corn on the cob (planning on using hOTT off the Grill: Sweet Corn recipe from A Latte with Ott A's Blog)
Breakfast #1 - Pancakes, scrambled eggs and hashbrowns
Lunch #1 - PB&J sandwiches w/ chips and a fresh veg
Dinner #2 - Brats w/ baked beans and canned veg
Breakfast #2 - Instant Oatmeal w/ fruit
Lunch #2 - Grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches w/ chips

And of course S'mores!

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Kasie said...

I love those colors together. Very pretty! Nice to meet you in blog world. Blessings.

star84vu said...

I am your newest follower from Social Parade. Come by and check out my blog!