Tuesday, September 28, 2010

October Challenge Day 2

I felt like today was pretty productive. I had to work, so everything had to be done in the first have of the day.

This weeks Zone is in the Living Room. Because my living room is fairly small, I've lumped the laundry area (which is actually in the garage) in with it for my detailed cleaning for that zone.  Today I washed all the windows and window sills in the living room. I also moved the loveseat (to get to the windows) and cleaned behind it. I actually got out the soapy water and scrubbed down the walls around the windows since they were a little grimy.

I made it to the Post Office to mail off a couple Etsy sales and finally got around to ordering something for our Texas trip which is coming up exactly ONE MONTH from now. We're going to attempt to take the car seat even though we haven't purchased a ticket for the Little Guy, so I needed to get a travel bag for the car seat. I've heard horrors of gate checking the car seat only to have it pretty banged up, so I bought this today:

Jeep Car Seat Travel Bag
So that was one thing on the "Travel To Do" List done also.

Only thing I didn't get to was my workout! Ummm... I don't really have a good excuse except that I decided to try to change the font on my blog titles..... Got to get to that workout tomorrow for sure. =)

Tomorrow I'm cleaning around my washer and dryer!

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