Monday, November 8, 2010

Getting Back in the Swing

Our "vacation" was so exhausting that I think it's taken me until today to really feel like doing anything productive at home. I haven't felt like blogging, cleaning, going to the store - nothing (I have gotten all the vacation laundry done though, which I thought was an accomplishment).

So today I'm going to try to get a few things done. The Little Guy woke up early because of the time change and so of course if down earlier for a nap. I tried to keep him up about a half hour longer, so that maybe over the course of the week, we'll get back to our "usual" times. He's been in there for about 30 minutes though and still isn't asleep.

I'm writing this post and then I'm going to go get my shower and make myself presentable for the day. Then I'm going to set out everything for dinner. We're having homemade pizza tonight with homemade pizza dough! Yum!

I've already done some vacuuming and put away some laundry, but it seems like there is still a lot to do. I also want to do my Weekly Home Blessing hour (six tasks - 10min each), to try to keep up on all my progress I made on my house during my October Challenge (which I also still have to post about!).

Then this evening I'm leaving the Little Guy at home with Dad and I'm heading over to my grandma's with my mom to continue cleaning out her house. Hopefully without the Little Guy to get into everything, we can get a lot accomplished!

Is it weird that I broke out the Christmas music today?? It just never seems like I get to enjoy it long enough if I wait until Thanksgiving, so I decided to start early this year. =)

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