Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Does anyone else feel kind of depressed after Christmas is over? It always seems like emotions are running high when Christmas is finally over from all the sugar, over-stimulation and lack of sleep ... and I don't just mean the children. There's such a big push to finish everything up and make it perfect and then... it's over. Kind of a letdown.

Anyway... I had to go back to the work the next day and that kind of stunk. And then this week I'm working two dayshifts and that means I have to drag myself out of bed super early (5:20 am today, 6:00 am tomorrow! - and yes... that is super early for this girl). My Little Guy was supposed to spend the night at my mom and dads tonight, but at dinner my husband called to say he got fired at work. More suckiness.

It wasn't a huge surprise... he does construction and all summer his boss was firing one person after another. He'd give them a day or two and if he wasn't too excited with them, he'd fire them and hire someone else. I was kind of on edge all summer because of that, but we made it through so I thought maybe it was going to work out - apparently not. I'm trying to look at the bright side - husband and I were talking about him looking for a new job in January anyway (because who wants to work somewhere that unstable for too long?), so now he'll be really motivated to DO it, not just TALK about it.

Mmmm... well, this is kind of a depressing post. I am thinking that I'm going to go light my new scented candle, get out my new yummy Chocolate Chip smelling shampoo and shower gel and take a shower or bath and then read my book with a cup of tea for a little bit before I get to bed semi-early.

I think I'm perking up already. =)

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