Friday, January 7, 2011


No, I haven't gotten my computer back yet. They have deemed it toast at the repair shop, so I'm waiting for my parents to order their new computer and then they are giving us theirs.... but lucky me I'm working the night shift and I'm not busy, so I'm catching up on my email and blogging. =)

Okay.... I have a weird story to share.

The week after Christmas I went to a baby shower. It'd been short notice for the shower, since the couple is military and lives out-of-state, so I'd grabbed a couple of my cute baby hats out of my stash and whipped up a couple burp cloths and was pretty proud of the result.

One of the other girls at the shower liked one of the hats and asked me to make her one and I agreed. It turned out really cute and I was happy with it. I got it packaged up and went to the post office to mail it.

I had two packages to mail that day - the one for the girl at the shower and one from my etsy shop. I put postage on the etsy one and then as I was preparing to buy postage for the second one I realized the zip code must have been wrong - soooo ... obviously I was going to take it home and verify the correct address before sending it, right?

Except that I accidentally put the one WITHOUT POSTAGE in the drop box! Ah! There was a big line and I didn't have time to wait, so I just left it and hoped they would return it to me for postage in a couple days. That was Monday...

The girl found me on Facebook and sent me a message on Wednesday that she had given me the wrong address. I messaged her back a thanks and that I would mail it in a couple days (hoping it returned by then, but if not it gave me a couple days to knit another!)

So Thursday when my DH came back from the mailbox without my package again, I started to kind of worry. What if it got lost? What if they just keep it!? Ah!

Tonight I came to work and checked my email and this is the message I had from my Facebook account:

"Re: about that baby hat...

Ok, so this is really wild: Facebook says your message was sent at 6:55pm January 5th. Yesterday. The strange thing was I received the hat yesterday around 5pm! To top off the weirdness there was no postage on the envelope, and we have a LOCKED mailbox that only the mailman can access.

There was also a hand written card from you!

So in addition to no stamp or postage, there was no post-mark on the envelope. As Alice would say "curiouser and curiouser." Anyway, I will send you a check for the shipping etc but I would really love to know how you accomplished this seemingly supernatural feat!"

Weird, right? How did my package get sent without postage and no postmark AND a semi-wrong address to boot!? Uh... and I feel a little weird charging her for the postage when obviously I didn't pay any - I may just tell her to keep the extra $5 even though it'll be $3 less than I normally charge in my etsy store for the hat w/o postage. The whole thing is just so bizarre!

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