Wednesday, January 5, 2011

When it rains...

well, you know.... it pours.

My computer is toast and I'm a little lost without it. I've been getting a lot more reading done in the past couple days, but it still feels weird that I can't be checking my email, facebook, etsy shop or BLOG!
It's amazing how many times I day I run up to the computer to Google this or that or look up a phone number, etc. A LOT apparently. My husband would say this is not a surprise because he knows I spend way too much time online, but really?.

Of course, a couple days before we took in the computer to be doomed (and what prompted it in the first place) is that my husband has now joined the millions of other unemployed. Why did this prompt the computer being taken to the repair shop? Uh... because all job searching is now online it seems. We even picked up a newspaper the other day and there were four potential jobs - four.
Sooo.... it was quite apparent that a good, non-crashing computer was necessary for job searching. Unfortunately, when we took it in for what I hoped was an easy repair, they discovered that the hard drive, video card and part of the motherboard was failing, soooooo needless to say we're junking it and my parents are buying a new one and we're getting their old one (thanks mom!). Luckily they were already planning on purchasing a new one, so they will just be doing that a little sooner, rather than later.

Then, my low-beam headlights both went out - at the same time. Weird right? We thought so. My DH thought it was a fuze, or the switch that we had repaired about 6 months ago. I suggested that we buy a new headlight just to rule that out (even though it seemed weird that they'd both go out at the same time), but he decided to take it into the shop because he was convinced it must be something else - uh... $50 later ... I got two new headlights. Grr... at least $25 more than it would have cost at the auto parts store.

Ah well... at least it wasn't a major repair right? It could have been worse.

So... my blogging may be sporadic until I get the computer situation resolved, but I'll be back!

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