Monday, February 28, 2011

Book Review: An Honest Love

An Honest Love (Hearts of Middlefield Series, Book 2)
Book Details:
Title: An Honest Love 
(Hearts of Middlefield Series book 2)
Author: Kathleen Fuller
2010, Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 978-1-59554-813-9

Book Summary (from the back cover):
Anna was once betrayed by someone she loved deeply. In an attempt to never be hurt again, she and her mother relocated to Middlefield,Ohio. It was the ideal place for Anna's broken heart to mend. In Middlefield, Anna withdrew from risk, placing all her attention on managing the new gift shop she and her mom bought.

When Lukas introduces himself, Anna can't resist her attraction to him. Though she finds herself falling in love, she's hiding a piece of her past in fear that their future will be destroyed if she tells him the truth.

But love can't b e built on lies and the past comes rushing back to Anna in an irreversible way. Now Lukas must decide how he will react to Anna's betrayal. As they cling to their belief in an honest love, they realize it's a path they must walk together even as it leads to unexpected places.

My Review:
I really love these Amish stories. These Hearts of Middlefield books are simple, but enjoyable. Like the one before it, there are two stories in this book. The one about Anna and Lukas from the back cover and another one about Aaron (who was a character from book one in the series) and Elizabeth. It seems that all the books center around one family, the Bylers. In this case, Elizabeth and Lukas are both Bylers and then the two people they are involved with are from other families. 

I have read other Amish series in the past and this one is interesting to me because the Amish people seem to be more modern than in other Amish books I've read. They have indoor plumbing and use gas for light, as well as battery operated devices. They also buy groceries from a grocery store and eat things like potato chips and candy bars, which seems weird to me. I'm not sure if that is accurate or not. I know that not all Amish communities are the same, so I'm assuming it is probably accurate enough. 

If you like a good book with an interesting plot line, these books are very good. I would say they are fairly predicable, but in a good way and the characters are very enjoyable - pretty real. 

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