Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A little of this and a little of that

Tonight I was vacuuming and when I turned around THIS is what I saw:
What? You can't figure out what that is? Well, it's shredded coconut, of course. On my couch!
Then I turned around to see THIS:
Yes, yes, that is Crisco, cooking oil and molasses on the Little Guy's toy bench. Hm.... do you think he was trying to tell me he wanted to bake cookies? haha

Cute things he's been doing:

  • Whenever I cook or bake, he pulls the dining room chair over to the counter and tries to "help".
  • When he see's a picture of a train or we go by the Amtrak, he says "Doot doot!" (translation toot toot!)
  • He's finally making a bunch of animal sounds... he wasn't interested in awhile
  • He takes our hand and lead us to whatever he wants us to do or see
I can't believe I just ordered his invitations for his SECOND birthday! He's going to be two at the end of this month and that seems completely impossible! The invites are so cute and I'm excited to plan his party around them. When I get the final product, I'll definitely share. =)

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