Monday, February 14, 2011

So much to do...

I'm having one of those days... you know the ones... where you can't decide what to do with the time you have. Mmm... for example - right now is nap time, I could:

  • Read my book
  • Finish my knitting project
  • Clean the toilet
  • Organize my upstairs catch-all closet
  • Blog (umm... maybe this doesn't count because I'm already doing it)
  • Fold some laundry
  • Peruse etsy for some stuff I can't afford
  • or a whole lot of other things I could probably come up with 

Ah well.... not sure what I'll do, but I DID get my taxes done today. A little disappointed with our tax return (although... happy to be getting money back and not paying money)

AND although we decided to not spend any money on gifts for Valentine's Day this year, my husband and I exchanged cards and he's making us some steaks for dinner tonight (found on sale at Safeway earlier this week!) He also brought home some cinnamon rolls for us to eat for breakfast this morning and that was super nice of him.

This is what our friends on Facebook woke up to this morning - my husband got up early and posted this message:
I really hate this day. Why do people like this day so much? You have to go buy crap that you really dont need and the jack up the prices on it. why cant we just show the person we are with that we love them every day? I think we should be done with this day. It makes people feel like crap if they dont have anyone so why should we have it

Hmm... well thanks for the card and cinnamon rolls anyway honey!

(I'm joining up with a couple blog hops today! It's been awhile!)

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