Monday, March 28, 2011

Birthday Party

The Little Guy's 2nd birthday was fun and went smoothly! We rented the clubhouse in our development and had it there. We had a Transportation theme party.

My good friend, Stephanie, created a cake masterpiece!

He got an assortment of vehicles for gifts - everyone knows him well. =) 
I was super excited that I got his reaction to his Thomas gift on video! 
Keep in mind that I don't think he's EVER said a complete sentence of more than 2 words:

I LOVE it! Did you hear him? He said "I got a doot doot!" haha
Longest sentence ever saved for his trains.
Today we set them up for him to play with 
and he is currently taking a nap with one of the Thomas engines.
Soooo cute. =)

(thanks Molly!)

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