Sunday, March 27, 2011


As you can probably tell from the amount of book reviews I've been posting, I have been on quite the reading binge lately. I tend to go through periods of time when I read a lot and then other times when I'm not in the mood. Looking at my list of books I've read already this month, I've really been getting through more than normal!

My eyes have kind of been strained lately - no wonder!

I may be the reading challenges I've joined.... it's fun to set myself a goal and then see all the books get checked off as I read them ...
Or it could be that my mom and my friends are sharing some books, so I've been trying to keep ahead (or not fall behind) of them ...

whatever the reason - I think I may need to plan in some time for sleep!

Does anyone read any book blogs that they love?
I read quite a few, but there are a couple that I tend to glean good book ideas from:

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