Sunday, April 3, 2011


So, our monthly bunco group is having a 1980s theme for April. I was having a pretty hard time coming up with a costume - although I thought it was going to be so easy!

I have a crimper from when I was a kid, so I'm going to crimp my hair (and I need to find a scrunchie!)

Then, this is my outfit I finally decided on (sorry about the crappy picture - its with my phone!)

I picked up the black leggings at Target which I'm planning on making into stirrup pants - $8.
I got the hot pink shirt out of the girls' section at Target - $5.
I planned on wearing my denim jacket and then I remembered I had that denim skirt too! - Free!

Soo.... its a little more than I normally spend on my costumes, but I figured I can wear the leggins again (without the addition of the stirrups, of course) and probably I can wear the shirt for something if I can still wear it after its washed. haha

It should be fun!

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