Thursday, May 19, 2011

Book Review: Maid to Match

Book Details:
Title: Maid to Match
Author: Deeanne Gist
2010, Bethany House
ISBN: 978-0764204081
Genre: Historical fiction, Christian fiction
Book Summary:
From the day she arrives at the Biltmore, Tillie Reese is dazzled--by the riches of the Vanderbilts and by Mack Danvers, a mountain man turned footman. When Tillie is enlisted to help tame Mack's rugged behavior by tutoring him in the ways of refined society, the resulting sparks threaten Tillie's efforts to be chosen as Edith Vanderbilt's lady's maid. But the stakes rise even higher when Mack and Tillie become entangled in a cover-up at the town orphanage. They could both lose their jobs...and their hearts.
My Review:
I've read several of Deeanne Gist's novels and this, I think, was one of my favorites. Tille Reese has been groomed by her mother to someday be a lady's maid - one of the "swell set" in the relm of servents - and Tillie has never wanted anything else. Now is her opportunity - with the Vanderbilts!
Mack Danvers doesn't want to work as a footman for the Vanderbilts, he wants to reunite his family and get his sister out of a orphanage where the girls are being treated badly. The only way he can get the money to do it, is to work for the rich household.
You can tell that Gist did her research on the time and on the Vanderbits. She uses lots of historical information, which always makes the story better. In some of her other novels I've read, I haven't always been very impressed with the historical accuracy of her characters, but this one was good.
The story was good, the characters were likeable and intelligent. Light-hearted and easy-to-read Christian fiction.

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