Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What We're Lovin' About Two

I've had two people in the last few weeks tell me how big my Little Guy has gotten lately. Ugh. I hate hearing that! =( It reminds me to take a good look at how big his is and it makes me sad! 

On the other hand - he's doing some really fun (and funny) things lately that make me smile AND love this stage of being TWO.

Toddler Fun:

Helping Daddy mow the lawn

Helping Mommy sweep the floor

Playing outside - of course!
Doot Doots - train books, train toys, watching the Amtrak...
Laughing a fake laugh - "Ha. Ha. Ha."
Bath time
Watching Olivia or Thomas on TV
"Apple-Nana's" (oranges - don't ask - I have no idea how that happened -or it possibly means apple OR bananas)
Riding his tricycle (without pedaling)
New word: Help!
Current Favorite Books: 
My Train Book by The Smithsonian
Freight Train by Donald Crews (sensing a theme?)

And just being cute. =)

Happy Wednesday. =)

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