Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Return of the Mommy School!

November was the last month I attempted a Mommy School unit.
T is for Thanksgiving was mildly successful.
Unfortunately as the holiday's were creeping closer, the less I did.

At the beginning of November I remember thinking,
"Why is there nothing good for December??!"
Now I know... there is NO WAY I would have gotten around to planning for a December unit study.

In fact, we are almost halfway through January and I'm FINALLY feeling up to tackling a new unit. Just my luck, Alison over at the OopseyDaisyBlog has just posted a new Mommy School unit! 

W is for Winter - Perfect!

There are actually SO MANY activities in this unit that I am thinking of just using it right through February also! There are 80+ pages in this unit. I just got online with our local library and placed holds on a half dozen books.

We will be moving to a new house sometime around the 24th of this month (another reason I'm thinking of extending this unit into February), so I'm not sure exactly how much of this unit we'll get through, but I'm very excited nonetheless.

I will try to start my weekly update again on how we're doing!

Go here to see all the Mommy School packets at OopseyDaisyBlog.

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