Thursday, May 17, 2012

6 weeks to go!

Mmm... well, considering my title, I should probably have a pregnancy picture today, but I really don't feel like posting one. =) Sooo... we are going to have cute Malachi pictures instead!
This is a super cute sweater that my mom knit for Malachi recently.
It has a hood, which he loves, and a front sweatshirt-type pocket.
Here he is modeling it... isn't he cute? =)

I have six weeks to go before the new baby is due. I'm alternately excited to not be pregnant anymore and terrified that I'm not ready for the baby to be here. I've really been uninspired to do anything for the new baby this time around. Part of that is probably because I thought we'd be moving from this house with in a month or so of having him and so I didn't plan a nursery, get out clothes or really anything. But, circumstances have changed that will allow us to stay here through the end of the year.... so now... all of a sudden I feel like I should be doing something for this baby! That somehow he's gotten the raw end of the deal because I went all out for Malachi and have literally done nothing for this baby - I haven't even knit him a new hat!

So today, I started sorting through Malachi's baby clothes to see what I have and washing it. Malachi had terrible colic and spit-up non-stop for the first 6 months, so, as I feared, all his clothes have turned a hideous yellow around the necks and down the front in the three years they've been sitting in storage. I managed to get most of it out with bleach today though, so I was happy. I also took the cover off the bouncer and washed it along with some blankets people have given us and a play mat. I felt very productive today.

I've also planned out a corner of our bedroom to set up for the new baby. We still won't be here long-term enough for me to really set up a nursery, but I want to get some wall art and set up a changing station for the baby. I have some plans to make wall art, but if all else fails, I'm loving these cute little forest creatures ...

Source: via Elsie on Pinterest

Baby room, Nursery wall art, Decor Art for Kids,

Sooo... we'll see what happens with that. =)

I think I was a little over-productive today though because I am very sore.... my hips are protesting and I think I'm going to go watch a movie on Netflix and knit on a washcloth that I'm giving as a baby shower gift this weekend!

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