Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2 Weeks Left

Car Seat:
Disassembled, Washed (scrubbed, soaked, etc), Re-Assembled - check!
Installed in car - on the To-Do list

Bags Packed:
Malachi's bag for staying at Grandma's for a couple nights - check!
Mommy's bag for the hospital - in progress

Baby's Nursery/Corner/Place to Sleep:
Dresser sanded and drawer repaired - check!
Dresser painted - on the To-Do List
Knobs for dresser - on Grandma's To-Do List =)
Bassinet assembled - check!
Wall Decor framed and installed - on the To-Do List
Baby clothes washed and sorted - check!

Baby toys found and washed - check!
Baby newborn hat knitted - check!
Find small cloth diapers - on the To-Do List
Buy a new diaper pail for cloth diapers - on the To-Do List

I feel like I haven't gotten to far on preparing for this baby... but I guess I'm not doing too bad! There's still some stuff left on my list (I'm sure I'll remember more....) but I'm making progress!

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