Tuesday, June 19, 2012

7 Days to Go!

I have the official word finally. My C-Section is scheduled for June 26th! Soooo... that means I have 7 days or less before this baby is here! Still so much to do!

Almost 39 Week Stats
Weight Gain: 
After 4 weeks of holding steady at 147lbs, I gained 4lbs this week! Still only puts my total weight gain at 26lbs though, so I really can't complain at all. With Malachi I was up to 35lbs by this time and by the time I actually went into labor (8 days overdue) I was at 40. Hooray for less baby weight to lose this time around!
Baby Size? 
Measuring right at 39 weeks according to the doctor. Also different than my last pregnancy, where he was measuring 2 weeks ahead.
Pregnancy Annoyances:
I hate sleeping. Not really sleeping... more the waking up in pain in the middle of the night. I've taken to sleeping with some Tylenol next to the bed so that at 4am I can take it and get some more restful sleep. Seriously.....
With all this talk of weighing less and the baby being smaller, you'd think my skin would be less stretched than last time around.... apparently not the case. I've gained some new lovely red stretch marks this time around and my stomach is so itchy! Grrr....
I have definitely slowed down. Malachi and I have been going on walks for months, but last week we went to the park for a usual walk and I had to stop and sit for a little bit.... I'm ready to go back to my normal self!

Accomplished this week:
Found the small cloth diapers and washed them.
My aunt found me a new glider rocker secondhand and I got it all washed up. My mom is going to make me some new covers for the cushions.
Got both infant car seats located, washed and reassembled... still not in the car though...
Also found the flannel receiving blankets and some other odds and ends and got them washed up.
Completed a new knitted hat for the baby... the only thing I've made him so far!

Need to do:
I have a couple freezer meals I need to assemble
Get down the breast pump and make sure its cleaned up and ready to go
Buy a new diaper pail
Finish up the dresser - it's sanded and just needs paint
Put up my nursery art on the wall (although it IS framed now!)
Finish packing my bag for the hospital
Install the car seat!

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