Monday, July 30, 2012

Potty Training and Road Trips

I seem to be having some trouble getting on here to write real posts! Posts that are not just pictures of my babies. =) I guess that's understandable, but I keep thinking of ideas and then don't have a chance to write it... and by the time I do, it's not relevant anymore!

So what are we up to at the moment??
Well, we are still in the process of potty training. This has been quite a trial I tell you. I'm ready for it to be over and done with. I HATE potty training. Malachi is very resistant to it. I've tried all the tricks, read all kind of articles and implemented various techniques. And for those who would say "well, he's just not ready!" He CAN do it, because he HAS done it. He just doesn't WANT to do it. We have had a few successes though.... we've pooped in the potty twice - and it was his own idea! So... there may be hope yet...

We are going on a road trip to Colorado... have I mentioned this yet? A ROAD TRIP. With a 3-year-old and a 7-week-old baby. It is about 1400 miles one way. We will be driving it in one shot... non-stop. It's kind of a long story about why we're doing this, but let's just say that my husband met his father for the first time last summer (by chance basically) and now there is going to be a family reunion of that side of the family to introduce us to everyone (sounds lovely, doesn't it?). My sister-in-law will be caravaning with us with her family.

So I have been making millions of lists, Googling ideas, pinning relevant pins on Pinterest and trying to mentally prepare for this event. Here's a few of the ideas I like the best:

I like that this one looks simple enough for a young boy with a short attention span!

Source: via Elsie on Pinterest

I think grandma might make us some thing like this....

Source: via Elsie on Pinterest

This is the best idea I've found so far. Giving a "surprise" gift every hour or so. I've been making lists of ideas. Dollar Store gifts, cars, sticker books and some snack and/or candy that is special to him.

We will be bringing a portable DVD player, but I would really prefer not to use it. I'm not really excited about him watching tons of shows while we're on vacation just to occupy him. He's always been a fairly good traveler... although we've never gone on a trip quite this long.

I'm sure I'll have more posts about our road trip prior to us leaving.... I have a lot of preparation and less than a month to get ready!

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