Tuesday, October 30, 2012

4 Months Old!

How fast 4 months has flown by!
I think I am even more aware this time around how fast Zachary is growing.
I am really happy I purchased these Monthly Onesie Stickers 
from a cute little etsy shop called LittleBabyBumblee.
I got the Zachary design, of course. =)

Zachary is just such an easy-going baby. 
He's happy most of the time - usually only crying if he's hungry or being terrorized by Big Brother. 
He goes to bed at about 8pm and only wakes up once or twice to eat during the night. Malachi is usually awake before Zachary is in the morning. 
He just turned over from his stomach-to-back last week and I think he's going to be sitting up here soon! 
No teeth yet, but I'm kind wondering if he's working on some.

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