Monday, October 29, 2012

Doctor visits

I've decided today is going to be a quiet day. I've worked 30 hours in the last 3 days and I miss my babies. Malachi informed me that he doesn't want me to go away anymore, so we're just going to hang out at home today doing practically nothing! =)

That is - after we've already been to the doctor today. My Zachary had his 4 month check-up today. FOUR MONTHS! How is this possible?? I took Malachi with me also - and that was interesting. He is so into everything. He wants to make the exam table go up and down, he wants to listen with the stethoscope, and use the thingy to look in Zach's ears... and on and on. It really makes me totally crazy. He was really pretty good... but why can't he just play with the toys I bring with him?!

My kids just got a new pediatrician and I love him! He interacts with them and he's so friendly and kind. He was super patient with Malachi today and asked him questions and let him listen for a long time in the stethoscope to Zach. 

Zachary is almost 15lbs 11oz and 25 inches. I looked up Malachi's stats for the same age and he was 14lbs 15oz and 25.5 inches. Pretty similar - Zach's head is in the 88th percentile and Malachi's was only in the 39th! haha! Zach is hitting all his milestones and the doctor was impressed with how happy and smiley he is - of course I know he's super smiley and easy-going. =)

I was going to take some 4 month pictures today - but Zach is a little unhappy now that he's had his shots - some I'm thinking some Tylenol and cuddling are in store for the rest of the day. Poor guy. So here's one I snapped with my phone a couple days ago!

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