Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bulk Chicken and Freezer Meals

Yesterday my mom and I bought 40lbs of chicken from a company called Zaycon Foods. I had seen it advertised on some couponing websites and I had a friend who had tried it out the last time they were around. 
What is Zaycon Foods? They sell a variety of fresh products, but the chicken is 100 % natural chicken with no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients. It also comes directly from the farm (like.. you receive it the day after they killed it). But the best part? It only costs $1.69/lb. Amazing right? That's cheaper than frozen chicken breasts around here.
The only iffy part is that you have to buy it in 40lb amounts. So my mom and I decided that for the first time, we'd just split one box. 

The night before we picked it up, we went to the store and purchased everything we thought we'd need. Many people we read about just clean it up and package it into bags of chicken breasts. We decided if we were already doing the work and had it out, why not just make it up immediately into freezer meals?
Next we got to work cleaning the chicken up and cutting it into desired amounts. Some we cooked first and some we left raw depending on the recipe. I had printed off some slow cooker freezer meals, we decided to freeze some in marinades and make a couple tried-and-true freezer meals.
Not at lot of cleaning was involved, but there was some fat to trim and a few pieces had some skin left on them. The little tidbits that we shaved off, we put in a pot to make into chicken broth - no waste here!
We ended up with about 20 freezer meals and 8 bags of grilled chicken strips. Not bad for one day's work. We split those up between us and we'll be eating good for the next few months.

Next time I'll be getting a babysitter for the day though. I think we could have accomplished this all in about four hours if I hadn't had my kids with me and vying for our attention the whole day. Ah well... a lesson learned for next time.

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