Monday, October 15, 2012

Recent Malachi Moments

Three has been one of the most trying ages for us thus far. I'm hoping it  gets better from here... at least for awhile. Although on the flip side of the frustration is the funny comments that he makes regularly. Here are a few recent ones that I want to remember:

Getting ready for bed one night-
Me: Let's wipe the dirt off your face before you go to sleep.
Malachi: Why? It just get dirty again.

After baking an apple pie:
Me: We need to let the pie rest.
Malachi: Why?
Me: Because it just needs to rest before we eat it.
Malachi: It needs a pie nap?

He has a habit of getting in Zach's face... Zachary apparently likes to have his personal space because he usually cries when this happens. One day Malachi went up to Zach, who was asleep, and I overheard this - probably in anticipation of Zach crying:
Malachi: Don't cry. God is with you.

Everything is "a wittle bit" (translated to a little bit)
"I have a wittle bit of yours?"

"I go there a wittle bit?"

The most frequently heard word in our house at the moment is "WHY?"
I always thought I'd be a patient person who attempted to answer my children's questions, but there gets to be a point when there is no answer. I admit I've become a mom who answers, "because I say so" or "that's just the way it is" much more than I ever anticipated.

When he does something he thinks might be wrong, he says, "that's silly" or "that's silly, huh?"

"I got you a question." Usually followed by, "I just got you ONE question."

He's starting calling people "Big guy." Like, "Hi, Big Guy!" This does not seem to apply to only one gender.

I love my Malachi. He's a crazy, caring, and fun-loving little boy.
He's growing up so fast I almost can't believe it. It scares me.
I hope I can remember all these special little moments.

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