Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Christmas!

I decided to stay away from the blog yesterday, since it was Christmas, so Merry Christmas a day late!! =)

We had a fun Christmas, I thought I'd start out with our final Zouff the Elf pictures. 
Day 19 - Zouff visited the nativity and is holding Baby Jesus | Day 20 - I made a snowman out of marshmallows and he sat on the mantle, but I forgot to take a picture (oops!) | Day 21 - Zouff left Malachi a special note and a bag of magic seeds | Day 22 - Malachi planted the magic seeds in a bowl of sugar (per the instructions) and candy canes sprouted the next day! | Day 23 - We were at my in-laws and I got distracted from taking a picture, but he was sitting in the chandelier and was eating a cupcake. | Day 24 - Zouff got into Malachi's underwear drawer again and hung them (and himself) from the living room ceiling!

I was a little sad, and a little relived, to pack Zouff away until next year. I think I'm going to plan his days out beforehand next year.

We had a fun Christmas. We spent Saturday and Sunday at my in-laws for an overnighter (we didn't get much sleep, but it was still pretty fun). Then on Monday we were free to stay home all day! Hooray! We only went out to attend our church's Christmas Eve service. 

When we got home we opened this box:
Inside is a new pair of pajama pants for everyone, 3 mugs, 3 hot chocolate truffle balls, 3 peppermint marshmallow sticks, popcorn, a book of the Christmas story and a picture of The Polar Express. We then made our hot chocolate, popped our popcorn, put on our pajamas and read the Christmas story together. Then we turned on Netflix and watched The Polar Express. It was Malachi's first time watching it and he was totally enchanted. =)
Christmas morning found us at home with a fun time opening gifts.
Then we went to my parents house for dinner and more gifts. It was a very nice Christmas all around and we are all very blessed! Happy Christmas!

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