Friday, January 18, 2013

Homemade Yogurt

We having been going through TONS of yogurt. We have to eat 2 servings of probiotics a day on this eating plan and man is it expensive! I've seen lots of people make yogurt and though I'd try it out.

I have to admit that my first attempt was a total failure. I attempted to use a semi-precise method in the crock-pot using a thermometer and heating up and adding things at certain temps.... it did not work out so well. I'm not sure if my house is too cold or what happened, but it was not edible by the end.

My second attempt used more of a timing method. Heating up my crock-pot for a certain amount of time and then adding and letting it sit for more time. This worked so much better!! And maybe the fact that I stuck a little space heater near my crock overnight to keep it from cooling down too much.

I ended up with almost 2 quart jars full of yummy yogurt. Next I'm going to be doing some experiementing with straining, powdered milk added in and maybe some flavorings. We'll see. I have a picture, but can't get it attached at the moment. After I attempt it again, I may post a copy of the method I used.

Hooray for homemade!

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