Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winter Days

We have been keeping busy this past week. I've been working a lot with a couple co-workers out on leave, so I've been missing my boys a lot. Today I am making up another batch of Turkey Breakfast Sausage and last night I made up another pot of Homemade Yogurt. Success again! I think I've figured this yogurt thing out. Today I pulled out a 6oz container of the yogurt to hopefully use as the starter for my next batch.... as long as no one eats it! Here's a picture of my new batch of yogurt and my yogurt-making helper this morning:

The boys and I took ourselves on a nice brisk walk today. The weather here has been dry (strange for the Northwest), but very cold. I decided we had been stuck indoors up long enough and we should brave the weather. Here is Malachi next to his new Big Wheel bike he got for Christmas from Grandma and Papa. He loves it and I do too.... because he can't go quite as fast on it as he's regular bike! He's wearing the Ribbed Knit Hat I made him back in June. =) Love this hat... fits him great and will for a long time - my husband can get it on!

And here's my little Zach - all bundled up in his stroller and happy to be out!

These two guys are so fun. Malachi still adores his brother. The other day I caught Malachi pulling Zach's bouncer thingy into the playroom saying, "What should be play with Baby Zach?" I offered to help (in an attempt to avoid some kind of moving disaster) and Zach ended up next to the train table. Malachi proceeded to play and talk to Zach until bedtime (probably a good 30-45 min) and Zach just had a great time watching and listening!


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