Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Getting Big & Brotherly Love

My little Zachary is getting so big! On Sunday morning he started out first thing by saying "da da" to me during his morning feeding. I responded, "ma ma!" and he just laughed at me. "Da da" has been a constantly repeated sound now in our house - and he seems very proud of himself. 
We have commented in our house how Zach seems to have NO DESIRE to attempt crawling or anything of that sort. Nothing seems to motivate him. We can barely get him to stand while we are holding him up - he just buckles his little legs under himself (although... we have started working on this in earnest and I think he's finally catching on).  Malachi was crawling by 7.5 months and so had already been a mover and shaker for several weeks now at Zach's age. In some ways its kinda nice that my little Zach is staying a baby a little longer. He's not in such a hurry to be on his own and independent.

Malachi is still totally in love with his brother. On the drive to my in-laws the other day I head this in a quiet voice from the backseat, "I wuv you Baby Zach. You are the bestest brother." So sweet!
Also, after we were listening to Zach say "da da" over and over I asked Malachi what Zach was going to call him. His response was, "It's not nice to call names Mom!" Hmm... not exactly what I meant.
This is my silly Malachi boy.
Why is this fascinating to boys?

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