Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Red Hot Bunco Party

Last night I hosted a Red Hot Bunco party at my house. Last you saw me, I was in planning and painting mode! I got most of my painting done, the computer permanently moved out to the bonus room (from it's last home on the dining room table), and some new decor for the dining area. Hooray! I forgot to take photos last night, but here's the remaining of my decorations.

I collected a bunch of RED candies and placed them around the house in little bowls.
Sweedish Fish, Red Vines, cinnamon disks, strawberry hard candies, 
Hot Tamales, cinnamon bears, Boston Baked Beans....

I picked up the cute paper straws at a shop on Etsy and the table cloth was one that I got from my grandma's house!

I had a lot of fun making my decor! I was going for cheap, but fun.
I made a couple of these tissue paper poms and hung them from the ceiling with fishing line.
Isn't my coffee art cute?? I got those for $5 a piece at Big Lots.
I also made several of those polka-dot garlands and strung them around the house.

Red candles and some red tinsel that I put into glass containers around the house finished up the decor.

Other things for a Red Hot party?
We had these enchilada's. I just added some diced red tomatoes on top for a little color.
Red corn chips and salsa
Green salad with strawberries, cherry tomatoes and red raspberry vinaigrette dressing.
Cranberry/Raspberry Punch

Prizes included gift cards to Red Lobster, Red Robin and Target.

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